How it works?

OK lets dummy down this website to the dumbest level on earth for you.

Trappisone is simply a collection of Support, Skills, knowledge and opportunities neccesarily for job seekers to have access to so as to effectively survive the life of being unemployed. Unemployement is hard and sometimes it can feel like your the only one, things are not working out for, leading to depression. Trappisone was a created as a safe space for job seekers to find support,resources and knowledge about becoming succsessful candidates. There is different types of Corners(Spaces) that job seekers can choose to follow and engage in on Trappisone.

How is Trappisone organized

- QnA Sessions:
Jobs seekers on Trappisone can Ask or Answer a series of questions posed by other job seekers in relation to how to find opportunities, make money , starting a side hustle or overall how to manage dealing with the daily struggle of being unemployed. When you ask a question it is added inside a question pool where other job seekers can find and answer it.

- HR QnA: Trappisone also has a host of HR Personell from various sectors and departments who volunteered to offer answers to any questions job seekers have about Interviews,CVs,Job Applications and how to roll a joint. JK!!

Under every question asked on trappisone, there is an option written "Answer", Which allows anyone to answer the question. When you answer a question , your answer will be added to a corner/ space it is most relevant to and shown on the home page.

Answer as post

This is how a typical answered question look like on trappisone. (Press image to enlarge)

Trappisone Dummy

Break down:

- 1: The first thing you see at the top is the corner in which the answer was shared into. (Corner: Shocking and Interesting Stuff)

- 2: Secondly it will show the name and picture of the person who answered the question. ( Team Trappisone)

-3: Third is the Word "Answer" followed by the corner in which the answer was shared into ( Answer : Interesting Stuff)

-4: Fourth you will see is the question that is being answered: ( What is Trappisone all about guys, is there free food? )

-5: Then finally the answer will appear after the question. The answer could sometimes be long or short ,depending on the nature of the question being answered

Then What?

: Press the star button to rate the answer you read that was informative to you.
: When you press this button, it will save the post and create a list for all the posts you saved.