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Where do you make money online?

Start a YouTube channel, no really do it, if you have once thought about a YouTube channel, I hope this push you to do it or see it as a sign. Lots of people are creating videos on YouTube as a hobby. But some are earning money, and a few are earning tons of cash. you'll create videos yourself, promote them, then monetize them through Google Adsense. You’ll get paid whenever someone clicks on a billboard on your video. The more clicks, the more you’ll make. If you get several videos going, you’ll be earning ad revenue from various sources.

There are alternative ways you'll do that. Perhaps the foremost popular way is by promoting music videos. The revenue is often heavy with videos using popular music genres. But getting the licensing agreements from the artists is extremely difficult. a far better route could be to market local talent. These are often small artists who are looking to be promoted. If they need good music, and you'll create compelling videos around their songs, you'll earn a gentle income.

Yet another way is to make educational videos. Pick a topic or skill you’re knowledgeable in, and make a “how-to” video. you'll also use this type of video to market a selected product or service that you simply offer.

All around, this is often probably the foremost flexible and artistic thanks to earning money online. YouTube even provides support to assist you to start.
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