Cassper On HR
3 months


ASK HR: How can i make my cv good and standout ?

Knowing your story and making simple for HR to understand and go through your story , is one way to make your resume standout. How should you do it?

1: Tailor your resume to job requirements

This is not an unknown secret but It’s all about quality over quantity. Sending a resume to many job offers and hoping that someone comes back to you is a waste of time. Instead, tailor your resume or cover letter to each job posting.

2: Use industry related keywords.

Take note of specific keywords in the job description and incorporate them into your CV. Don't write what feels right to you, write what is right and what will help lend you a job. So take your time going through the job description section and find key words.

3: Keep resume short and simple

Keep it short,simple and straight to the point, cut out all the other unnecessary stuff that might take up the space on your cv. Rather focus on important aspect and highlight your unique and most valuable skills.

4: Use magic and detailed words "from," "to" and "by"

Frame most of your resume as accomplishments by using these three simple words. "Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z]." For example: ‘Improved loan take up rate from 40% a year to 80% a year’.

Try follow the above guidelines when writing your resume next time and see if it lends you somewhere.