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ASK HR : How do you guys want candidates to answer the" Tell us about yourself " Question, What specifically are you guys looking for?

Hello I am happy to help.
Well in very simplistic terms we ask this question simply to start the conversation flowing and to find something interesting to remember about you. it is simply that, don't stress too much. What you have to always keep and bear in mind is that as hr personell we have different interviews style and different intentions or interest behind every type of a question we ask during interview sessions.

So what I personally look for when I ask this question is totally different from what another hr personell in a different company is looking for when they ask the question.

So there is more than one way to answer the questions.


1 : Summarise your entire life or existence in just a few categories.
- your personal life.
- Your academic life
- Your professional life.
- Your other life ( other interesting aspects about your life that you feel are worth it and interesting enough )

2 : Don't over do it. Summarise only what is necessary or what is relevant information. Ideally a minute is long enough for me and then we move.

3 : Try something like this

Q: Tell us about yourself?

A: I am a passionate Sales wiz, Since Back in my high school days, I used to sell sweets to my peers and class mates and I developed a really good communication and selling skills from that experience.

I then went and studied Bcom marketing at the University of Johannesburg and graduated with impressive results.

After graduating I worked for Nedbank as a junior sales consultant and during my time there I have been able to build my sales portfolio and track record which involve consecutively reaching monthly sales targets, High leads conversion rate and so forth.
I am a people's person and I have an ability to ease people into conversations with me and make them feel comfortable.

4 : This is how i prefer to hear the answers, Note this is a very basic example that I thought at the top of my head. Try do some research about yourself and highlight aspects about you that are relevant when answering a question like this and then put them into paper.

I hope this help and good luck ️.