Erica Mashe
3 months


What shocking thing did you learn today?

You probably have seen this fake photo of Mandela somewhere online, it's fake, it's not true, but there is this theory that pazzle me called The Mandela Effect.

I had heard this term before but didn’t know much details. Today I came across a detailed article on this topic and it left me absolutely mind-boggled and shocked

Nelson Mandela died from a respiratory tract infection on December 5th, 2013. But, why is it that some of us think he died in prison in the early nineties? It’s a phenomenon known as the ‘Mandela Effect’ , a complete mystery. An enigmatic anomaly on Earth with no scientific explanation.

Basically, it’s this theory that Nelson Mandela did die in prison in the nineties. But then, something happened that somehow reversed this event, and he went on to live decades longer, before dying again in 2013. Though some of us don’t remember Mandela dying in the twentieth century, others do. They remember the news coverage, the papers, the heartfelt speech from his widow- but all of it vanished from the universe when this “event” took place and rewrote history. And all that’s left is this huge collective memory. These people that “know” he died like this, and all remember that same thing somehow, but it’s “wrong.”

There are two theories behind it. The first and less common is time travel. They say that someone went back in time and altered an event just slightly, but it created a ripple effect that resulted in something changing dramatically. But time travel is believed to be entirely fictional and improbable. The more common theory is that there are several universes, all alternate, and that sometimes they “rub shoulders,” or, essentially, cross paths.

Have you ever remembered an event that happened or read about something that your so sure it is true and you remember reading it but then get told that that thing your sure you read about does not exist or never happened atleast the way you remember it.

It happened to me recently when I watched the deadpool movie, the actor Rayn Raynolds i remember reading about him that he had a baby with scarlett Johanson(actress) and in 2011 before they divorced. She was I read this in 2018 but last week after watching deadpool, when I went on Wikipedia to read something about Rayn, I found out that he does not have a baby with scarlett Johnson. I have But I literally remember reading it.
Erica Mashe