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ASK HR: How should I introduce Myself in an interview?

" First impression might not be the last impression. But first impression lasts!! Greet your interviewer with (good morning/afternoon/evening sir/mam. whichever is applicable)."

There are two ways an interview might proceed. Either you drive the interview or the interviewer does the job. It's better to be the one in control rather than being controlled.

1: Never start with "Myself so and so" :

Reflexive pronouns are used to refer to nouns which have been used in the sentence before. As you are starting a new sentence, use of myself is Incorrect. Instead, start with "I am so and so"
Mention the course you are pursuing, even though the interviewer might have your resume in front of him/her.

WRONG: I am DOING electronics and communication engineering from Tshwane University of technology.

RIGHT: I am PURSUING electronics and communication engineering from Tshwane University of technology.

" You don't DO your degree. Have some respect for your degree. :D"

2: State your positive qualities.

Just state them politely. Be prepared with instances to support your positives, but do not quote any instances unless asked to do so. You could mention some special achievements which you want the interviewer to take note of.
You could also state some principles/rules you strongly believe in.
Generally interviewers scan your resume for just 10-12 seconds. It is what you are speaking that they try to find in your resume. This happens quite a lot. If you have work experience, mention it. But make sure you know your work inside out.

3: Interviewer starts from where you end.

So, make sure to end your introduction at a point which you are quite confident in discussing.

4: Last, but definitely not the least.

Always have or appear to have a positive and a learning attitude. Sounds common, but it makes a lot of difference. The interviewer should not think of you as arrogant, over-confident or cloistered. I have seen people losing jobs over these traits in the HR round. You should show (and actually have) the will to learn.


My introduction:

Me: Good morning sir.
interviewer: good morning. please have a seat. (I take a seat) So, Keabetswe, tell me something about yourself.

I am Keabetswe Sambo. I am pursuing electronics and communication engineering from TUT(speak your full University/college name in case of pool campus. The interviewer might not know your college's abbreviation).
I have a positive attitude towards life. I have good analytical skills (or aptitude). I scored 100% marks in mathematics in class XII (The interviewer looks into my resume). I prefer to do smart work instead of hard work. I believe in achieving maximum output with minimum input. Having done internships at BlueLebel telecom and Interra Systems, I have had exposure to the corporate world and find it fascinating. (generally in the amount of time given for intro, If however, the interviewer still keeps looking at you silently for 2 seconds, then add another point: "I learned quite a lot from my internships. (I am telling him/her to ask me questions from my internships. I am trying to lead the interview) I am inquisitive. I am a learner, I like to learn new things.")

This is just a quick small intro. Don't try to make it yours. Every one has a different story. I came up with this intro. So, no one can speak it with as much confidence as I can. Prepare your own intro and make sure you can relate to it. use this as a guideline.

PS. I am out. Lol Hope this helps.
Cassper On HR