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2 months


ASK HR: What questions should you ask at the end of an interview?

I have conducted hundreds of interviews and I typically give the candidate I am speaking to a couple of minutes at the end of the interview a minute to ask questions. It is a good way to transition the interview to closing so I will say “is there anything you would like to ask me?” This is when I feel that the candidate will shine or go flat. I love it when candidates ask unique questions that really make me think about the answers. That they done their research and and it shows. I can tell you some of my least favorite and or boring questions and I will end with my favorites.

What are the next steps? I get it, you want to know where this is going but I would say to give it a little time and let the interview marinate. Leave me thinking that you will trust me to tell you what the next steps are and even though the interview has wrapped up you are confident in your answers and will let it sit.

What makes a successful candidate for this role? I also get this one all the time, you want to know what I am thinking so you can sell me on yourself one final time as I have just told you what I want. One in three candidates asks me this question. Boring!

I don’t have any questions. Ok, so you are saying I have answered everything you want to know in the last 45 minutes? Always, always, always have questions ready. You are giving up your shot to figure out if this is a good job for you..

What do you like best about your job and the company? When candidates ask me this I am typically honest and of course I am a human too and what do we humans like to do best? Talk about ourselves of course!

What are the biggest challenges you see in the company and your role? This one is a little gutsy as it shows that you want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. It gives me the opportunity to talk about some of the not so great things as no company and or role is perfect and we can have a genuine conversation. I want to know that you care about this opportunity and will be an all around good performer and are not just putting on a show to impress me to get the job.

What is an average day like in this role? I want you to be clear about what you are interviewing for and if you ask me this question it shows me that you are breaking it down in your head and want to know what you will be doing day to day.

Finally, I love it when candidates open up their portfolio and have a list of questions! That is my favorite as it shows they thought about things ahead of time and took a moment to jot the ideas down and it is organized in a list ready to go.

Be yourself and make it real. This is a conversation about something that you may be doing for a long time. Make it count by being warm, personable and letting the conversation flow naturally with your great thoughtful questions. Get the good answers, make a great impression and…. get the job!

Good Luck!