3 months


What advice can you give me on how to grow a side hustle?

Just learn to focus, Focus on the value chain of your side hustle and keep doing it. Like a sunlight can’t burn a paper without being focused, you as well can’t grow your side hustle without focus.If you are normal, you can’t sit and focus to save your life. You can’t even read this without thinking. Most people don’t have the attention span to focus for one even single minute. A lack of focus can hurt you and your hustle big time.

Most people hide this inability to work and blame the market or other people as the cause of their failure. But all it comes down to is a lack of focus.
What i learned is that No matter how bad things are, there is always someone out there with a side hustle making money. The only thing that separates you from him is your ability to focus.

To make money in business requires your all. When you try to work at it with a foggy and stressed brain, you fail.

As Thomas Edison once Said: It is 10% Inspiration and 90% perspiration.