Nthabeleng SZA
3 months


ASK HR: Do you notice if someone lied on their cv ?

I's suggest you don't even think about doing it. I once every now and then do catch people lying while interviewing them.
Here is where it will most definitely get bad for you or cost you,and it is a simple word called
SKILLS (Friendly advice).

Let's divide the skills into two categories.

First, skills that are important to the position in consideration and Second, well everything else.
For former your chances of getting caught are high and For latter, they don't hold much water even by being on the resume.

Sometimes, you might get away by lying but most often when interviewer doesn't care about the skill you lied about. And you get caught more often when interviewer cares about the skills your lied about.

And the overall result if interviewer caught you lie is that interviewer doubts everything that there is on the resume. And most often the rule in HR is that if you are confused about a candidate, don't hire him/her. So don't do it. it will cost you.