Daniel Ek
3 months


How do I make money at home?

Mofaya ,Switch or twizza are some of the companies / brands in south Africa that are killing currently it in the business of drinks. Ever wondered how did they do it. Well in answering this question i am going to share some of the known branding and bottling companies that can help you kick start your journey into the beverage industry.

Your Goal
1 can is to 1000 cans, meaning you need to start with just one can and then take it to a thousands can. This is the best and most effective way to build such a business. Because trust me starting with 1 million cans from the start will not work.

Okay lets begin
1 : TallysPlastics
They manufacture only juice bottles from 750ml to 500ml. 1 750ml bottle is R7 and the 500ml is R10

Address: 526 Genl de Wet Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria, South Africa, 0182
website: https://tullysplastics.co.za/

2 : BonPak.
This one is big, they have variety all bottles they manufacture, from glass bottle to cans , beer bottles and juice bottles.
Email: sales@bonpak.co.za
website: https://bonpak.co.za/

3 : PakPal

They manufacture cans and juice bottles , their range start from 440ml to 2l bottles

website: http://www.pakpal.co.za/
Tel: 071 374 7260 | 067 307 4714 | 060 747 9430
E-Mail: info@pakpal.co.za

Hustle like there is no tomorrow.