Alexander Zhao
3 months


How do I make money at home?

Start a jean fitting and altering side hustle, I have a cousin who started a business altering and fitting jeans and is doing very well while he is still working full-time.
- 1st went back to his kasi to find a good tailor who knows all these work and he found a middle aged lady who is really good with the stuff.
- He bought a secondhand tailor sewing machine on gumtree for R 1300.
- Used his place for operation.
- Bought other complementary stuff like chairs and table, which he coughed around R 500 all together.
- Did some marketing with social media and requested friends, family and some people to do some word of mouth marketing.
- I don't remember very well how much he charged to alter or fit a jean but it was enough for him and the lady
- He did the sales and marketing, all while the lady did the work and they share daily profit.

All in all to start the business he spend less than R 2000. It took a little longer for the business to start moving, but after a while he was getting orders from guys all over Ga-rankuwa zone 2 to fit their jeans. mostly because the lady was that good.

NOTE: Starting does not matter, how you manage to go up matters.

Thank you.