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I did a little research for ya'll, This is how much kea charge just to tweet one tweet about your brand. One of the most rewarding path to creating a side hustle or money, putting it in layman's terms, guys is through social media marketing. People really overlook this under the notion of "oh I don't have enough followers base or good content".

It really is that simple actually I found. You just gotta know what works for you.

1 : The follower base problem.

When I joined twitter I learned something, a hack sort of that most people use to gain a huge number of followers base in a shirt space of time.

FAKE BRANDS: People create famous fake brands accounts, mockjng and pretending to those brands and under every trading hashtag on twitter (I really mean every hashtag), they create fake give aways and promotion in return for follow backs, retweet and likes. It works people really do follow in hopes of winning fake give aways.

I am speaking from experience, I run a fake famous fake brand account on twitter and I am using it to accumulate and grow my follower base. I am at 43k followers now and I started late September, once I reach at least 100k followers that's when I will switch up and post my real content with my real authentic self.
Here are Some of the few fake brand accounts that I know and they harvesting followers :

The key thing from this post is that once you have enough followers base and start creating a little content, brands and people will come to your account paying you to advertise their products. You can make a lot of money on the side through this.
Thanks for reading guys.
Lerato phala