Nthabeleng SZA
3 months


ASK HR: How can i make my cv good and standout ?

I hate answering questions that Celina has already answered but this one really got my attention as well, So might as well share my 2 cents.

Your resume needs to be precise and to the point, but it also needs to be engaging. This is one of the hardest things to master but you should.

Here is a list of things that will help your resume stand out:

Choose the right format. You want a format that catches the eye and is easy to navigate through. This means everything is broken down into clear, defined sections and it stands out.

Ways you can help your format stand out is by:

- Choose a clean, crisp design.
- Bold titles and important phrases.
- Ensure your titles are larger than the text.
- Make sure your descriptions are in bullet points.
- Avoid large chunks of text.

Things that you should you should avoid using are.

Colored text
Colored background
Weird, flash font
These may hurt your chances of getting past the ATS.


A professional summary is a 4 to 5 sentence paragraph that describes what you have to offer to the company. It is the first thing we sees when we look at your resume and its extremely important.

It gives an idea of your most important expertise, skills, achievements, etc.. Since hiring managers only spend about 6 seconds looking at a resume before deciding if it's worth adding to the "read later" pile - you need to make sure you sell yourself right away.

This means ensuring the font is big enough to read and that job descriptions are broken into bullet points. Do not ever leave large chunks of text on your resume as it is not appealing to the eye and deters people from reading it.

These will all ensure that your resume stands out.
All the best.