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ASK HR: How should I answer this job interview question: Why shouldn't I hire you?

Why shouldn't I hire you? or Why do you want to work here? are the two parts of the same coin, I do ask this question in my interviews, I was once impressed with a lady who answered this question without faint when we interviewed her. I will use our conversation to answer this question.

Me : Tell us why we shouldn't hire you?
Her : “If you find an equally good or better candidate for a lesser cost to the company you should not hire me”
Me : “ So you accept that your are not the best choice ”
Her : “No, I am sure you are screening many candidates, if someone else is equally good and is less expensive you probably should choose him/her. Just like how I am looking for a change and I would choose the company which offers me the best role and pay”
Me: “ So you are not serious about getting a job here, you are ok with any company?”
Her: “ I am serious, just like how I am serious about the other prospects, there is no need of exclusivity here. While you are screening candidates, I would be screening companies. We both should eventually choose what best suits us”
Me: “So if I offer you a job now would you accept it, you have a long notice period of one month. What if before your joining you find a better offer”
Her: “ I would need couple days to think on your offer, I may have to evaluate and decide whether accepting the offer is a good decision. However when I give you my word officially, I give you my word. I am an ethical person and you can be assured I won't back flip on my words.”
Her: “ I would like to add that, at this moment I feel very positive about the company and the role, so I am more inclined towards joining here. However I will confirm officially after due thought. ”
Me: “so you are not ready to immediately accept the offer”
Her: “ I would rather think well before giving you my word, because once I give my word, I usually stick to it. Its better I think before taking a decision than after”
Me: “ I have a candidate who is already in notice period, he would join next week at a lesser pay. If we can negotiate on the pay, I will be very inclined in giving you the offer right away”
Her : “As expressed earlier, if you have a candidate who is equally good, at a lesser pay joining earlier than me, you must probably go with him. I am really sorry that my expectation is not negotiable. I don't want to join and soon regret that I could've got a better pay. I am sure even you won't want an employee who will join and soon start doubting if he is being paid less.”

Did she Get the offer? Yes
She displayed clearly what she wants.
She had the confidence to back her up.
She was very impressive to me ,How she took us on toe to toe