Cedrick thee
3 months


What side hustle are you pushing while searching for a job?

Since I went home during peak lock down stages, I started tutoring maths and physical science to the kids at my local high school.

I was genuinely at first doing it for free until some of the teachers insisted that I charge a specific fee and they also contributed for learners who could not afford
the fees.

I made R7000 between July and August which actually saved me a lot during those periods.

I still do tutoring now but not making as much money as before because we'll school's have reopened, so I get a few learners every now and then.
So the plan now is to get in talks with the school about after school classes that the school will subsidies, it's still in the process and I think it is something I will keep doing till I get a decent job.

I would encourage some to try tutoring if you have the resources and time, it can actually keep you alfoat in the mean time.

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