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Where do you make money online?

There couple of websites that actually pay you to perform certain task, these are from both locally and international. I tried them, some worked but some it is just hopeless. So I will share some of those that worked for me.

1 : https://www.transcribeme.com

You can make close to R3500-10000 on TranscribeMe in just a matter of weeks. You will be performing tasks such as
- Transcribe short 2-4 minute audio and some times video clips, You must write clearly exactly what you hear in the clip.
-You don't have to bid for tasks, they send them to you 24/7, so you will always have work to do or money to make.
They have a very difficult entry test, but you can pass it, if you just search transcribe me test answers on YouTube, it will help you a lot.

2 : https://www.rev.com/

Rev is almost similar to transcribeme but it does not pay as much, but you can still make decent money here as well just to keep you afloat. I made R15k with rev but it took me months, 2 to be precise.
The task are similar with or to transcribe me
-They send you audio clips of interviews and you transcribe them, word for word as you heard them in the clip.
- Also there is a test you must first write and pass before they can allow you to perform tasks.

3: https://www.speechpad.com/

I did try speech pad all the way, but but I hear that it is good and they pay you well. So you can check it out and see if it is something you can can try.

Now remember guys these can not be your main source of income, use them as bridges while looking for that job you want.

All the best.