Baleka Sthabo
3 months


What shocking thing did you learn today?

Okay, this did not shock me per say but it really made me sad, there's no need to hold anything back, we can all agree that this boy right here dosent look like a normal human being (that wasn't intended to insult him).

He also acts very strangely, cannot talk at all, loves to run off into the forest and eat grass, this made the villagers nickname him monkey boy.

His mother said he had an extremely small head as a baby (so I'm guessing, microcephaly?🤷) Which of course meant he lost so many cognitive abilities. Doctors even said he lacks the intelligence to go to school, even at 21!

His mother had 5 children before him and they all died. This made the woman become extremely devastated and desperate till she prayed and asked God to give her another child, even if he or she is disabled.

Some of the villagers constantly bully the boy and his mother said she's getting really fed up with it. She runs after the boy in the forest (despite her age) and ties him up before dragging him home, after all that strenuous exercise which can take hours, she then comes back home to bullies who won't leave him alone.
Baleka Sthabo