Thapelo tkay
3 months


What side hustle are you pushing while searching for a job?

My former classmate after graduating decided to start a beverage company with 4 other friends who were unemployed as well. They started with just one bottle that grew into thousands of bottles that are being sold at each an every corner in attradgeville.

They branded their juice with the slogan " Just one taste will keep you coming back for more"

It was truly an inspiring story for me considering that they were normal people like me who defied the odds.

I remember he used to stand by the door of every Indian shop and ask everyone who went inside to to demand and buy monate juice everyday in the skoching sun.

Because of this, I could not sit down while time pass by as well and i am currently working on a side hustle that will one day turn into a full-time hustle and will leave my job.

Thapelo tkay