Brian chesky
3 months


What is the cost to start an online store?

Well the online store is much less the same as any website. So if your clever about it, you can do it without having to pay a dime out of your pocket.
Here are some guidelines and a break down to help you achieve that.
Before I can continue, it's important to understand the nature of websites or Web stores.
- There are traditional websites: They usually have co.za. com or net - > for this types there are some costs involved. Your likely to spend on avarage R30-40 a month on just the name of your website (e.g my store.co.za)

2: Then there are what I call hybrid websites, You will see them by names such as :
mystore.blogpost.com or
Here everything is free, there are no costs involved, so you can go to WordPress.com right now register your website and they will give you dozens of themes to choose for your website and edit according to how you want your website to look like and then your website will be on Google in just a matter of hours, all for free.
The same way you edit cv templates you find online, same process. So no cost here.

3: I did not mention anything about Web design or development, that is because it's useless, for either traditional or hybrid websites, and for hybrid I already mentioned sites like WordPress who do everything for you for free. And for traditional just search "Free bootstrap 4 templates" and you will find millions of websites templates to download and use as your website.

And as for uploading your website online, its really easy, just search "how to upload your html website on to an online server" on YouTube.

Don't rush to hire a website developer (because you wil pay close to R3000 for something you can do in 20 minutes)

Free website builders:
- WordPress.com
- weebly.com
- wix.com
For traditional websites search on Google :

"Free bootstrap 4 templates " and edit them. Done.
Thanks for reading, hope it helps.