Bonang Twala
3 months


What business /side hustle can i start without spending too much money and time?

Kota business, I once tried it with my aunt, It is easy to start but challenging to maintain, So here i am going to share with you the foundation to starting a kota business , more especially the costs involved to start and run one. This is my EXPERIENCE.
Before we dive into the thread, Keep in mind that starting this type of business requires patient because you have to start small and work your way up, Start with something small that you can maintain ,handle without much stress and hurt in your pockets.

The second essential is stocko, It does not really take much, so here is what we needed and started with.
- Potatos: R30 per bag ( we bought 3 12.5kg bags,I am not sure what is the cost today).
- Bread : R120 ( We bought 15 loafs which cost us R120. ).
- Other essentials : R500( includes polonies, cheese, sausages, vianas, Russians and e.t.c all bought at shoprite).

Total costs for stock was : R 710.


Potato chipper: R180( You can find them cheap at game bloedmall)
Frying pen: R599( mine is Deep Fryer Electric Single, you can find different types at different prices.)
Packaging: R100( Kota plastic covers, this are simple to find, even at shoprite.)
Fridge: I am going to assume you have a fridge at home.

This brings the total equipment costs at around :R880.

however the costs can be much lower than this depending on how you structured
your things.

These easily the essentials I had to have in place to start. It is very basic and easy, notice that i left other aspects of the business such as

- Premises : Where you operate your start up or sell, we used our home, so automatically we did not have rental costs.
- Pricing : it will depend on what works for you or your cost of sales, it is hard to advise on this.
- Employees: I know we want to be the hero of the story, but don't employ anyone when your starting, people are difficult to manage and are costly, work in the business yourself first, ultimately employ yourself.
Profit : what I would recommend is make sure that your place of operation is of high foot traffic.

I hope you learn something and maybe try the business yourself and take it further. Thanks for reading.
Bonang Twala