Alexander Zhao
3 months


What is the cost to start an online store?

I am going to assume your looking for the best and cheapest way to do it. The initial cost of setting up your own online store can cost you R100 for a basic Woocommerce online shop through to R2000 for an eCommerce store, Lets break it down to help you further.
There are two main costs to take into account when building your own online shop. The first is the upfront costs of getting your online store up and running. The second is the ongoing costs of keeping your online shop running smoothly.

In order to make an informed decision you need to compare bananas with apples. I’m going to break down what you need into 3 parts:

- The Platform or Software that runs the shop
- Web Hosting (Where the website lives)
- Transaction fees

1: The platforms you use
- wix ( free and premium)
- shopify (premium)
- webbly ( free and premium)
- wordpress( recommended because it is free)
- SquareSpace and many more

2: Web hosting

This one don't bother with it actually because the above mentioned platforms provide it. Webhosting only matters if you build the website from scratch on your own, then you will need a webhosting for the website.

3: Transaction fees.
Refer to the photo above to help you with transaction fees, You will notice that Woocommerce is the only online selling platform that doesn’t charge a monthly or annual platform fee when all the others do.
Some of the selling platforms don’t charge transaction fees, while Shopify, Wix and Squarepace all do. As mentioned, these are the entry level costs of starting an online shop.

So on face value Woocomerce looks like the most cost effective way to start an online store while the famous shopify is way too expensive.
Alexander Zhao